About the Developer

Developer: Swire Properties

Swire Properties has over 40 years of experience in developing for Miami businesses, always looking towards making Miami an unparalleled environmental attraction. They use their well-honed local market knowledge to create properties that have a powerful positive influence on the neighborhoods in which they are built. Often their buildings set new benchmarks for integrity and sustainability that all future projects are measured against.


Interior Design: Richardson Sedeki

Richardson Sedeki is recognized around the world as a top-grade boutique-design studio. With noteworthy projects in the hospitality and spa industry, Richardson Sadeki has been the recipient of several awards. Among these are the Gold Key Awards for Bathhouse and Lapis, and the International Design Award.


Architect: Arquitectonica:

With projects in more than 58 countries, Arquitectonica is one of the biggest architecture firms in the world. Always pushing the limits of geometry and color, Arquitectonica aims to bring the newest and best of modern design. Their designs are not only stylish but also blends perfectly with the landscape in which it is set in. With each design Arquitectonica preserves a location’s geological character and sustainability, all while still crafting something both appealing and distinct.

Bernardo Fort